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Frequently Asked Questions

Cards are delivered to the recipient within 3 working days.

All Premo Gift Cards (excluding reloadable cards) have a maximum limit of AED3,500 that can be added to the card.

The minimum limit added to any of Premo Gift Cards is AED100.

Gift cards cannot be used to withdraw funds from ATM machines. Virtual cards and MyNet cards are to be used exclusively for online shopping. All reloadable cards are Sharia compliant and cannot be used to purchase alcohol, depositing onto gambling websites, purchasing pork or to purchase weaponry and ammunition.

Lost or stolen gift cards can only be replaced, providing they have already been registered online. Once registered online your card is 100% protected in the event of it being lost or stolen.

Most Premo Gift Cards are available to spend online and in millions of stores worldwide unless the card is specifically for a particular Mall or Outlet ie. Mall Gift Card or Vox Gift Card.

Premo Gift Cards offers a range of Gift Cards, Reloadable Cards and Virtual Cards.

You can contact Premo Gift Cards using 04 293 5814 or e-mail info@premogiftcards.com

Emirates Development Bank
Next to Rihab Rotana Hotel
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Dubai, UAE

Virtual cards are sent to the beneficiary by e-mail with an SMS notification confirming the PIN of the Virtual Card. The beneficiary activates the card using a link contained within the e-mail. Once completed they can access the card details and begin shopping online!

Simply click ‘My Card’ on the top right of Premo Gift Cards website. Enter the 16 digit card number and 4 digit PIN and voila!