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Gift Cards & E-Vouchers: The Perfect Business Solutions for Redemption & Rewards

Rewarding and recognizing your employees, customers and business partners has just got a lot easier with our business solutions!

Our gift cards are excellent motivational tools for employees, clients and customers alike. They are a simple and valued option to use when fulfilling your employee incentive programs, employee reward programs and/or consumer promotions.

Moreover, our business gift cards strike the right balance between making their recipients feel special while giving them the freedom of choice. Business Solutions:

  • E-Vouchers

Surprise employees and customers anytime with an e-voucher delivered straight to their inbox. Our partner loyalty schemes are seamless and effective. All you need to do is direct them to our site and we’ll take it from there!

  • Bulk Ordering

Get the flexibility your deserve with our bulk codes that can be delivered to you whenever and however you like. We can do this using email, SMS or physical delivery.

  • API Integration

Choose our gift cards to enhance your loyalty programs through a wide array of attractive customer redemption opportunities. Provide your customers with a seamless experience on your digital touch points (website & mobile app), increase sticky rates and give your customers more choices by allowing us to integrate our top-notch APIs into your platform.

  • White Labeling: business is a great platform to showcase, promote and sell all your branded gift cards directly to your consumers. Get more exposure to your brand, products and/or services with our online marketplace.

  • Crowd Funding:

People love supporting charities and important causes. Let customers know that each time they purchase a gift card from you, a certain percentage of the card’s price will go to support a charity of your choice. Furthermore, you can maintain a running total on your website to assure customers that the charity you choose will truly benefit from their purchases.

  • Incentive Vouchers:

Provide your employees with incentive vouchers sent directly to your inbox. Surprise, delight and motivate your employees with endless gifting options at your comfort and convenience.

Feel free to send us an email at: or call us at: (+971) 4 293 5814 for further inquiries or questions! gift card categories:

1) Closed Loop Gift Cards

  • MAF gift cards: The simplest way for business customers to provide offers or incentives to staff and customers alike.
  • Branded gift cards: As a business customer, you can easily purchase branded gift cards for use in your promotional activities.Closed Loop Gift Cards

2) Open Loop Gift Cards

  • Design Your Own Card: These are customised prepaid cards with your own brand’s logo or any other image of your choice. You may choose a standard design or design your own card.
  • Najm & Najm Net Gift Cards: Give your customers and employees a chance to enjoy unparalleled online and offline experiences with Najm Gift Card and Najm Net Gift Card.
    open loop gift cards

3) Mini Closed Loop Gift Cards

  • Mall specific gift cards: Our mall specific gift cards give your customers the freedom to shop at hundreds of their preferred outlets within one mall. Mall Gift Cards

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Customer & Employee Loyalty Reward Programs:

You can benefit from our business solutions for both customer and employee loyalty reward programs. Here is how:

Customer Rewards:

By allowing us to be your redemption partners, you can lower customer acquisition costs, drive new revenue and increase brand loyalty.

Use our solutions to incentivize and motivate your customers with e-vouchers!

You can use customer rewards for:

  • Rewarding your consumers during promotions.
  • Marketing campaign incentives.
  • Subscription offer rewards.
  • Rewarding customer loyalty.
  • Encouraging customers to try your products or services.

Employee Rewards:

Improve employee satisfaction, reduce recruitment costs and increase retention rates and by rewarding performance and service.

Use our solutions to recognize and reward employees with redeemable e-vouchers.

You can use customer rewards to:

  • Reward your employees’ outstanding performance.
  • Award proactive and overachieving employees.
  • Help employees celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, celebrating newborns, etc.

Our Loyalty Partners

Why business solutions?

  • Our solutions can dramatically help enhance your organizational health and promote the growth of your business by boosting morale.
  • They offer customers and employees tangible benefits that are familiar to them and that are also easy to use.
  • The breadth of options our gift cards provide facilitate brand recognition as well as customer loyalty.
  • Our gift cards are safesecure and flexible, making gifting and rewarding a risk free experience.
  • We seamlessly integrate our APIs into your platforms for our loyalty scheme partners. This makes redemption simple and easy and helps increase customer stickiness rates on your site while providing them with the gift of choice.

Other ways to take advantage of our business solutions:

  • Reward customer loyalty on purchase amounts:

Including gift cards as incentives in customer loyalty programs is an extremely effective way to build brand loyalty. Additionally, you can also use gift cards on-the-spot when your customers spend over a certain amount. Doing this can pleasantly surprise your customers which in turn can encourage return visits.

  • Use our gift cards as coupons:

When your customers are purchasing expensive items, you can offer them our gift cards to use them right there and then. As a result, this type of unexpected discount can encourage their loyalty and advocacy.

  • Use our customisable gift cards for less-popular holidays:

Give your business a boost during slow times by offering customers our special gift cards. This is perfect for quirky celebrations such as Groundhog Day and special causes such as World Ovarian Cancer Day.

  • Offer gift cards for earn & burn programs:

Up-selling is an effective way to increase revenues. Let your loyal/frequent customers know that by spending an additional amount, you will give them a gift card that is worth x amount.

  • Use gift cards to build your social media presence:

Your online presence is very essential to your brand’s growth and success. You can offer our gift cards to reward your 1,000th follower or add everyone who tweets a certain hashtag into a draw for one of our gift cards. Moreover, you can even use our gift cards to encourage bloggers to write about your brand, products or services.

  • Boost productivity through incentive gift cards:

Show appreciation to your employees with our secure, flexible, memorable, convenient and globally accepted reloadable corporate cards.

  • Appreciate employees through our physical gift cards:

Give your employees the freedom of choice with our physical gift cards accepted at hundreds of fashion outlets, electronics stores, restaurants and much more in leading malls and hotels in the UAE.

Finally, business solutions cater to all customer and employee loyalty programs through our wide range of e-vouchers and gift card solutions. Whether it’s incentives, rewards or gifting, we have an e-voucher and a gift card for your every business need and occasion.… Transforming shopping experiences for customers, brands and retailers.

For details about how to order or to know more about what we can do for you, you can send us an email at: or you can call us at: (+971) 4 293 5814

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