Earth Hour: What Is It & Why Should You Care?

Earth Hour: What Is It & Why Should You Care?

All you need to know about Earth Hour

Planet earth; the place we need to live, exist and survive and yet we take it for granted every single day. We pollute it, drain its resources and rarely take a moment to think about the damage we are causing it. This is exactly why we need Earth Hour and why we should be part of it.

From tons of plastic waste in the ocean and contaminated air to elephant and dolphin killing, our planet is suffering. However, together we can make a difference.

So what is this Earth Hour? And why should you care enough to be involved in it? Read more here to find out!


The first Earth Hour ever took place in Sydney, Australia 2005 as a global movement aiming to bring people together to call for greater action on climate change. In March of each year, millions of people across the world organize events and switch off lights at their homes or offices to show their commitment towards conserving earth’s future.

Moreover, it is a way for people to show that they understand that their actions do matter and a promise to consider the planet in every choice they make.

Why join Earth Hour?

  • It promotes action:

Many countries combine their Earth Hour campaigns with eco-action calls. This makes the movement a great tool for driving impact and making change.

  • It is global

As of March 2015, Earth Hour has become one of the greatest movements for the environment with more than 180 countries going dark at 8:30 p.m. sharp local time.

  • It is a powerful visual statement

When you see more than 10,000 monuments and landmarks disappear in front of your eyes, it is easy to see the value of the movement and realize its importance.

  • It creates positive awareness

Earth Hour is a very effective way to spread awareness about climate change and what we can do about it. Last year, 82 million related videos were watched from January to March. Moreover, there were around 7.8 million online interactions (comments, likes & shares) during that same period.

  • It unites people

Unity is powerful. People coming together for a cause or a goal is hopeful. And this is what Earth Hour does: it brings people together, motivates them to join forces in efforts to make our world a better, safer and more sustainable place.

Finally, we urge you to support this amazing movement and be part of something big with a great potential!

Save the date: MRACH 24, 2018 @8:30 p.m. wherever you are in the world.

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