What Should I Know About Bridal Shower Etiquettes?

What Should I Know About Bridal Shower Etiquettes?

Essential bridal shower etiquette tips

A bridal shower is a great way to celebrate a bride to be and make her feel loved and appreciated. Moreover, it is the best time to bring her some special gifts she can use for herself or around the house later on after the wedding.

However, there are many unclear things about bridal showers and their gift giving etiquette. And today, we will be sharing with you some great tips to help you better understand the ins and outs of this celebration.

Bridal shower FAQs:


Who is usually responsible for hosting bridal showers?

Nowadays, anyone can choose to host this event including the bride’s parents, her bridesmaids and even her groom. However, it is always a good idea to consult the bride and get her requests and ideas during the party planning process.


Who can you invite to the party?

Usually, anyone invited to a shower party will expect to be invited to the wedding as well. So make sure that you choose the guests carefully and that the list includes close friends and family members. Moreover, consult the bride before finalizing the list so you won’t end up inviting the wrong people.


Who is expected to bring gifts to the bridal shower?

Everyone invited to the party is expected to bring a gift. However, if you are low on budget, you can always suggest buying a group gift or just buy something small yet meaningful to the bride.


What is a “Jack & Jill” shower party?

Traditionally, you only expect to see females at bridal showers. However, “Jack & Jill” showers are a new trend where both the groom and the bride celebrate by inviting their family and friends.


Is there a difference between a bridal shower gift & a wedding gift?

Here’s the thing, you have to get gifts for both the shower party and the wedding. Just keep in mind that the wedding gift you choose should be bigger and more valuable than the shower party gift.


What should my budget be for the bridal shower party gift?

To get this right, you must consider your budget as well as your relationship with the bride and the groom. If you are close to the couple, your investment should be bigger than if you don’t have a strong relationship with them.


When does the bride to be open her gifts?

This depends on the party’s theme and plan. When the party includes games, it’s nice to open the gifts after the games are done. However, if the plan is to have food and socialize, the bride to be can open the gifts before food is served.


What kinds of gifts are most appropriate for such an event?

People usually buy gifts that are appropriate for using around the home and garden. You can also check the bridal registry to make sure that you get the right gift or just buy a gift card and give the couple the freedom of choice.


Do all brides create a bridal registry?

It’s up to the bride to choose whether or not she wants to create a bridal registry. However, creating such a list can save the bride a lot of time since she will get what she needs and won’t waste time returning or exchanging the gifts she does not want.


Do bridal showers need to include games?

Not really. Nevertheless, adding some games into the bridal shower program is a great icebreaker and it also makes the event more fun and entertaining. Your can click here for a complete guide of bridal party games.


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